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Every Monday 6.30-7.00pm only £3.50

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Most classes can be attended by all levels of fitness. Your instructor will show you ways to make your class harder or easier.

Classes that include some Aerobics or Step are all good cardiovascular sessions, which mean they improve your fitness and burn calories. 

Toning classes concentrate on changing the shape of your body. You may use hand weights, barbells or pods for these classes.

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Drop A Dress Size 

The Drop a Dress size Programme based on nutritional advice, understanding foods labels, how food manufacturreres trick us to eat more and tips and secrets to losing weight and more importantly maintaining weight loss. It includes weekly exercise programme at a level that everybody whatever their age or ability can manage Most classess can be attended by all levels of fitness. Your instructor will show you ways to make your class harder or easier. 

Next 10 Week Programme starts soon, call now to book your place

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A bit about the classes

Legs, Bums and Tums: Non-aerobic, great for all ages and levels of ability. Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Step : Funky music, great fat burner. Step routines on a step box, can be followed by a range of toning exercises either standing or on the floor.

Fab Abs: Get your tummy into shape! A fantastic half hour class, with lots of variation on Ab work.

HITT (high intensity interval training) : Super charge the fat loss with a HITT workout. Busts of intense energy combined with less intensive rest periods. 24 exercised/24 minutes with abs to finish. 

Pilates: Similar to Yoga, using slow controlled exercises concentrating on core strength, flexibility and mobility. If you have never tried Pilates before, you would benefit from an 'intro' session - ask at reception for details.

Body Sculpting with Weights: Non-aerobic conditioning class, using hand weights, bar bells, pods, floor work and your own body weight to challenge you from head to toe!

Zumba Gold : A slower pace low impact version fo Zumba thats just as FUN Zumba gold is for beginners and active adults . 

Tighten and Tone: Join Tracey for a FUN workout that includes lots of different and enjoyable ways to keep you in shape.

Fitness Freestyle Yoga: A modern fitness programme incorporating deep stretching, yoga posters & Pilates.

Line Dancing: A fun and social way to enjoy dance and exercise, No cowboy hats, ye-haws, and no partner needed just a good sense of humour!

Drop a Dress Size : A 10 week exercise and weight loss programme with amzing results - next programme starts in soon call now to book your place. Click here  to view full details 

Nifty Over Fifty (50 Plus Exercise sessions) : Exercise sessions in the Studio and gym for the more mature exerciser that still has a spring in their step.Great sing a long music, fun and friendly, these classes are a great way to meet and make new friends. 

Fit Kids: A FREE  12 week programme for children age 4-11 and their familes.  Click here to view full details  Funded by South Holland District Council this programme helps overweight children enjoy exercise through physical exercise, fun & games and learn about nutrition and healthy eating. Details about this programme from reception.                                                

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Working with weights Step Workout  Inner thigh workout